About our logo

The narrative of the EURIDICE logo is linked to the mythological story of Orpheus and Euridice, which is narrated by Ovid in Metamorphoses, Book 10.

In Ovid’s poem, the lyre was Orpheus’ musical instrument, given to him as a special gift from Apollo. Orpheus played and sang so virtuosically that he could enchant any creature of nature with his mesmerising chords and voice. This is how Orpheus impressed the nymph Euridice, who fell in love with him and married him.

The lyre in EURIDICE’s logo is reminiscent of the Digital Society, which should be harmonious and human-centered. The chords are inconspicuous but carefully replaced by vertices and edges. The nodes and links of the Digital Society are pseudomorphic to a perfect lyre.

The blue planet earth, placed, conspicuously behind the lyre, reminds us of our responsibility, as global citizens.

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