Palacky University Olomouc

Role: European university

Founded in 1573, Palacký University Olomouc (UP) is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic with a leading position in Central Europe’s social, cultural and economic life. With its 8 faculties and more than 800 accredited study programmes, the university provides quality education in a variety of academic disciplines in both Czech and foreign languages. UP has over 25,000 students and more than 4.000 employees and is highly experienced in lifelong learning programmes, including U3A and university for children. Rooted in its long-standing tradition, UP combines the strengths of educational continuity with modern technological advancements and copious scientific and research activities. It has several international research centres dedicated to excellent research in medicine, natural sciences and humanities and is considered one of the four top universities in the country, achieving significant placements on the international level.  

UP leadership strongly advocates for social responsibility through public outreach and cooperation with the wider community. Thanks to its international research centres, such as Haná Regional Centre for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, the new Research and Educational Centre of the Faculty of Education and others, the university has both increased its applied scientific output and strengthened collaboration with the corporate sector. The long-term mission of the UP is to promote the involvement of students in all areas of research and to cultivate their critical and creative thinking by providing high-quality education in a broad range of disciplines. Continued Internationalisation of degree programmes as a quality advancement measure is among the key implementation activities of UP’s Strategic Plan.

In 2019, UP was awarded the prestigious Award for Excellence in Internationalisation by European Association for International Education.