Workshop series to increase social impact of teaching

LOUIS framework and Blended Intensive Programs

Online and in Olomouc, Czech Republic
October 18, 2024 9:00 am

This Blended Intensive Program (BIP) organised by Palacký University in Olomouc demonstrates how the LOUIS tool (part of Aurora Competences Framework) can increase the impact of existing
courses on the development of students’ general academic and personal competences.

This series of workshops will guide and assist participating teachers to identify the general competences best fitting in their courses and to clearly identify learning outcomes that they and their students understand intuitively. It uses examples of existing LOUIS-adapted courses from Aurora universities to show that the LOUIS tool is easy to use in practice, doesn’t require time-consuming preparation and that skills development does not reduce development of substantive knowledge.

The program also presents a simple tool for assessing the improvement of competences of students and getting feedback on how they appreciate the implementation of LOUIS tool.

Link to register for this training.

Save the dates: 18 October (online) 4 – 8 November, in situ, at UPOL in Olomouc, 18 November (online).