University of Innsbruck

Role: European university

(Universität Innsbruck UIBK – Austria)

Founded in 1669, Universität Innsbruck is the largest research and education institution in western Austria, with more than 27,500 students and 5,500 staff and faculty members. Located in the heart of the Alps, Universität Innsbruck is a research university comprising sixteen faculties and 81 departments. Its research activities are organized along eight main research areas, namely physics, mountain regions, cultural encounters – cultural conflicts, scientific computing, molecular biosciences, digital sciences, functional materials science as well as economy, politics and society. Furthermore, interdisciplinary research platforms and research centres shape our research profile, organised in a structure designed to promote inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration among our staff.

International higher education rankings regularly prove that Universität Innsbruck plays a distinguished role as an education and research institution in the European higher education area and enjoys an outstanding reputation in many fields of research. Universität Innsbruck strongly believes that the knowledge it generates is not only meant for the few but should benefit society as a whole.

UIBK is one of the degree granting universities of the European joint master programme. It will contribute to the co-design and delivery of the curriculum, the master modules, and to the microcredentials recognition. Relevant expertise brought by UIBK into the EURIDICE project is: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics, Data Science, and Interdisciplinary ICT education for non-ICT students. Also microcredential policy and EU educational policy. UIBK participates in the Collaboratorium.