EURIDICE’s Blended International Hybrid learning concept, is dubbed Collaboratorium.

The Collaboratorium is an innovative educational concept, which will be implemented in the European joint master Digital Society, Social Innovation and Global Citizenship.

Collaboratorium, January 2024.

The idea of the Collaboratorium is of a hybrid work space, in which students with different educational backgrounds, from different institutions, countries, cultures, closely collaborate in challenge-based master-level research and educational projects for societal impact.

Through the Collaboratorium, EURIDICE fosters inclusive education for Digital Society, Social Innovation and Global Citizenship.

Students tackle a real-world wicked problem and work in small interdisciplinary, and often transdisciplinary teams, in the design of socio-technical solutions, through user-centered and community-centered approaches.

In the EURIDICE approach, students acquire core technical and engineering knowledge and hands-on experience regarding advanced digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, conceptual modeling, and also digital law, ethnography, sociology, philosophy, international development, and various other subjects. These skills they will acquired through co-creative projects.

Online education is a new, post-covid channel, that helps to achieve scale. Yet, to achieve excellent results, students must experience a sense of community and belonging. This is achieved through on-site, person-to-person interaction. We therefore attach great importance to course events as Summer Schools, in which students as well as lecturing staff, meet each other in person.

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