Objective 1: Building Multi-disciplinary Social Digital Innovators EURIDICE commits to nurturing the social innovators of tomorrow by intertwining advanced digital technologies with non-ICT sectors like Education, Communication, and Culture. The approach ensures participants acquire essential technical and engineering skills alongside perspectives from legal, humanities, social science, and business disciplines. Key initiatives include a new EU Joint Master degree, capacity-building for academic teachers, professional life-long learning programs, and facilitating course modules in various languages for broader reach.

Objective 2: Attracting Qualified Teaching Staff and Students EURIDICE aims to be a magnet for talented staff and students by offering a highly innovative and interdisciplinary educational experience. The programs are enriched by multiple languages, micro-credentialed training modules for staff, a joint European degree, scholarships, internships, and a robust communication strategy to create a vibrant and inclusive educational community.

Objective 3: Upgrading Digital Solutions Innovation is at the heart of EURIDICE, promoting a Collaboratorium for Blended International Hybrid Learning. This involves upgrading digital facilities and infrastructures to foster a seamless, virtual, collaborative, and challenge-based educational environment, ensuring interoperability across participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Objective 4: Establishing Sustainable and Structured Partnerships EURIDICE is steadfast in cultivating enduring partnerships that transcend the life of the project. It seeks to create a symbiotic ecosystem involving SMEs, institutes, and academic and cultural partners, promoting sustainable growth and innovation in the digital social-educational sector.