DigHum lecture: “Please identify yourself!”

January 23 @

What to expect from Europe’s ubiquitous digital identification infrastructure?

A EURIDICE DigHum lecture by Thomas Lohninger – 23 January 2024 17.00-18.00

This event is organized by CAIML of the TU Wien. See the announcement.

Digital Identity Systems are on the rise worldwide. While global majority countries already have ample experience with their pitfalls and human rights implications, Europe just concluded its big digital identity reform without any concern for the experiences of other regions. Thomas Lohninger works for Austria’s biggest digital rights NGO epicenter.works and has shaped the 2,5 year negotiations for the new EU law. His presentation showcases realistic use-cases of the technology from age verification, online identification, customer tracking up to replacing CAPTCHAs. Essential safeguards are discussed that attempt to make such systems of government certified personal data exchanges less dangerous, in a world of surveillance capitalism and rising authoritarianism.

Speaker: Thomas Lohninger (epicenter.works), Moderator: Erich Prem (eutema & TU Wien)

Here you can download the slides.