Digital Society Study Visit UDS

Global Citizenship and the Digital Society in the Global South

April 2, 2024 9:00 am

Amsterdam, 11 April 2024 – Global Citizenship is one of the key elements of EURIDICE’s educational concept. To achieve a deep understanding and reflective attitude on global citizenship and its pluriformity, in EURIDICE’s ecosystem, regularly discussion sessions are organized and living labs sessions, to discuss ongoing interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary student project. The project’s SMEs are closely involved and provide valuable input to the students and the the pilot Collaboratorium.

This idea is implemented in the ICT4D course which is a joint, interdisciplinary elective course at VU organized with input from UDS, Ghana, one of the associate partners in EURIDICE.

Francis Saa-Dittoh and Gideon Amakama Ali, two lecturers from the University for Development Studies, are currently (April- May 2024) visiting VU Amsterdam, through Erasmus+ Mobility Programme and jointly teaching and participating in the Digital Society program for students and staf and co-teaching course module on ICT4D. Other participants to this EURIDICE workshop and study visit are AKMC, Babafla and SBC4D.

Focus in the ICT4D course and student projects is on transdisciplinary collaboration, user-centered design and ethics in ICT for development. Development is discussed from various perspectives.