Adele Botha

Adele Botha is a CSIR principal researcher in next-generation mobile and information and communications technology (ICT) systems with a specialisation in mobile user experience. Prof Botha received national and international recognition in the technology-enhanced learning domain that encompasses multiple domains, including mobile learning, e-learning, instructional design and human computer interaction. Her specific focus lies in the application of technology in general and mobile technology in particular for development in areas that are resource constrained. As such, she has been able to influence many international research agendas by incorporating the specific constraints of developing countries, such as low bandwidth, connectivity, infrastructure and techno-social use of the technology. These perspectives include mobile centric use (entering the information era with a mobile device as opposed to the entry into the information society with the use of a personal computer). She serves on various international and national committees and steering committees and has collaborated in several EU-funded research programmes. Botha is a Professor Extraordinaire at the Unisa School of Computing.