An e-Health project in the northern Negev Region

An Opportunity for Reducing Gaps in Access to Health: The Case of Bedouins in the Northern Negev Region.

Information Science master research project by Ohad Daniel – (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) January – June 2024.

This research project addresses healthcare accessibility challenges among Bedouin communities in the northern Negev region of Israel, proposing solutions through e-health and tele-medicine. The study, includes surveys, simulations, and interviews. It aims to identify and mitigate barriers to online healthcare services for the population discussed. Focused on context analysis, current usage patterns, and characteristics of subgroups facing accessibility gaps, the research will propose solutions to enhance Bedouin healthcare accessibility, with specific attention to the community’s culture and challenges. Insights from local figures and public health experts will be used to validate the suggested solutions and design new ones. The findings have the potential to serve as a model for similar populations.