Chatbots and user experience

Chatbots and how to improve the user experience

An Information Science project by Sachira Ţînţar – supervised by Anna Bon (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), January 2024

There is a notiecable increase in the use of chatbots for different online platforms. However, sometimes the help of human assistance is still required. This raises questions about the efficiency and politeness of chatbots. As an intern at KLM, I am working on developing an AI chatbot for the recruitment of interns. I am keen to conduct a qualitative research involving interviews with current interns to record their expectations for the chatbot and I will also conduct interviews with future applicants to assess its efficiency and if it is appealing to future users. I aim to provide insights into the utility of chatbots and propose enhancements for future development. This study addresses the need for a comprehensive understanding of chatbot interactions, particularly in recruitment contexts, with the goal of improving user experiences and advancing chatbot technology.