Communication, dissemination, outreach

EURIDICE’s communication and dissemination objectives are:

  1. To communicate the project’s objectives, activities and collaborating partnerships to the general public in the various European countries as part of the Digital Compass policy.
  2. Attract relevant target groups (students, academic staff, professionals in SMEs and social sectors) generating publicity for the joint EU master and self-standing modules to attract students and staff.
  3. Inform professionals from SME’s business and industry about opportunities for life-long-learning training and certification.
  4. Disseminate outcomes of collaborative research seminars and workshops, to PhD students, postdocs and young researchers, non-ICT academic staff, educators.
  5. Outreach to the general public to raise awareness about the EU funded programme.
  6. Show the success of European collaboration networks between academia industry and society.
  7. Publish the scholarship and fee waiver opportunities for inclusiveness and diversity of the student population.
  8. Disseminate learning outcomes (study materials, textbooks) to European universities and beyond (African, Asian countries), as part of the Open Education policy and the policy to bridge the Digital Divide and provide quality education to all: SDG5.
  9. Emphasize shared values, interest and impact and promote and support/disseminate the European Values for Democracy, Equality and Human Dignity here focused on the Digital Society.

Target audiences

Target audiences for our communication and dissemination are: (ad 1) general public, civil society organizations, NGOs, culture and media organizations, youth in Europe (ad 2a) bachelor students from various backgrounds (ad 2b) young academic teaching staff and young researchers (ad 2c) mid-career academic lecturers (ad 3) SMEs in various non-ICT and social and socio-technical innovation sectors (ad 4) research institutes and scientific communities studying the digital society (ad 5) citizens in Europe (ad 6) HEIs in the Global South.


EURIDICE’s narrative will explain the objectives, shared values, interests and impact. This narrative will be refined, tailored and presented through different media forms. A graphic/photo colour brochure and videoclip dissemination materials will be produced in the first semester of the project.