DigHum Lecture: Global Governance AI

January 9 @

Global Governance of AI – on the Interim Report of the UN AI Advisory Body

According to the United Nations, global AI governance and global coordination is the only way to harness AI for humanity while addressing its risks and uncertainties related to digital services, algorithms, computing capacity and expertise become more widespread internationally.

On 9 January, from 17.00 to 18.00 CET Virginia Dignum will give an invited online talk about the interim report of the UN Advisory Board on AI. This lecture is organized by CAIML (Centre for AI and Machine Learning) of TU Wien and is part of the EURIDICE project events and of the Digital Humanism Initiative.

The lecture will be live-streamed on the Digital Humanism channel.


Virginia Dignum – as a member of the UN Advisory Board on AI – will talk about the interim report: “Governing AI for Humanity” which was released on December 21, 2023. This report can be seen as an important step towards world-wide governance of AI. The central piece of the report is a proposal to strengthen international governance of AI by carrying out critical functions such as scanning for risks or supporting international collaboration. It also includes recommendations to enhance accountability and ensure an equitable voice for all countries.