Panel discussion on ICT education to meet the challenges of the Digital Society

March 5, 2024 6:00 pm

An event organized by the Digital Humanism Initiative at CAIML, TU Wien.

Watch the panel online.

The increasingly unpredictable impact of digital technologies on people and society is urgently asking for a broad discussion on the new requirements for ICT education. Which skills, capacities and attitude are needed to address the interconnected challenges of the Digital Society? How can we design ICT curricula and build the new generation of skilled, responsible professionals, academics and decision-makers?

Digital Humanism online panel discussion on 5 March, 18:00 – 19:30 CET

In this panel, starting off from the wide experience of the panel members, we will discuss various approaches for innovative, interdisciplinary ICT education. While collecting different viewpoints (e.g. academic-business-oriental-civil society; e.g. European, American, African) and analyzing existing approaches, we will try to propose new directions for education in the Digital Society.

Panel Members

Moderator of this panel

To participate in the event use this Zoom link. (Password: 0dzqxqiy). The talk will also be live-streamed and recorded on the DIGHUM YouTube Channel which is made kindly available by the Digital Humanism Initiavive from the Centre of AI and Machine Learning at the TU Wien.