EURIDICE @ Advanced Digital Skills Summit

Madrid and Hybrid
May 16, 2024 9:00 am
EURIDICE will participate in the Advanced Digital Skills Summit– 16 May 2024, in Madrid and Hybrid.

Panel Session: Digital Society, Human Values, Global Citizenship

Advanced technological skills, acquired by our education, are complemented by reflective knowledge and analysis, rooted in shared human values, regarding societal impacts and how they can be steered best for the benefit of humanity.

A unique feature of EURIDICE is its educational blending of advanced technical skills with in-depth human-centred societal skills. n a panel session, with three short topical pitches, will address the following question:

How can we adequately introduce and treat the human values dimension(s) in our technical-professional educations?

Pitch 1: Human Values and Digital Humanism in Education – Dr Peter Knees and Prof Hannes Werthner.

Pitch 2: The “Collaboratorium”: Innovative Concepts for Designing International Collaborative Learning Experiences. Prof Emiliano Grimaldi and Prof Pietro Nunziante. University of Naples Federico II.

Pitch 3: Towards Global Citizenship: Advanced Digital Skills and the Global South. Stéphane Boyera, CEO of SBC4D and Francis Saa-Dittoh, lecturer at University for Development Studies, Ghana.

Followed by a plenary discussion/Q&A (15 mins)

Chair, intro and moderation: Dr Anna Bon and Prof Hans Akkermans

Notes on speakers:

Dr Anna Bon (VU Amsterdam) is the EURIDICE project coordinator.
Dr Peter Knees is the UNESCO Chair of Digital Humanism at TU Vienna, Centre for AI and Machine Laening (CAIML).
Prof Hannes Werthner is the former dean of TU Wien’s Faculty of Informatics, and lead editor of “Introduction to Digital Humanism – a Textbook” (Springer, 2024, Open Access).
Prof Emiliano Grimaldi is Professor of Sociology at UNINA, the University of Naples Federico II, and leads the work on the EURIDICE joint international master.
Prof Pietro Nunziante is Professor of Architecture at UNINA, leading the work on the international Collaboratorium, the innovative blended digital-physical EURIDICE educational concept and space (part of the joint master)
Stéphane Boyera is owner and CEO of SB Conseil (Toulouse, France), with a global portfolio of Big Data and Open Data projects related to ICT for Development. *
Francis Saa-Dittoh is a lecturer at the Computer Science department of UDS, the University for Development Studies in (north) Ghana, with a research portfolio focused on ICT4D and AI in and for the Global South. * Hans Akkermans is Professor Emeritus of Business Informatics at Amsterdam, and owner and CEO of AKMC Knowledge Management BV.