Digital Society study visit UNIMAS-VU

From 21 February – 3 March, a delegation from EURIDICE’s associate partner UNIMAS, the University Malaysia Sarawak, did a study visit to VU Amsterdam to prepare and co-design educational modules in the framework of EURIDICE’s master Digital Society & Global Citizenship.

Dr. Cheah WaiShiang, Computer Science lecturer at UNIMAS, researcher and course coordinator, together with Mr. Sim Wai Keng MSc., in close collaboration with lecturers from VU, UDS, AKMC and Babafla, will deliver a joint, 6 ECTS master module titled “ICT4D in the Field”, in June 2024. This course is hybrid and open for participation EURIDICE partner’s master-level students who have a background in Computer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Humanisties or Computational Social Sciences. This course will address various Digital Society-related topics and challenges through user-centered design, with contexts and stakeholders from various different (Global South) perspectives and communities.

During the visit week, the UNIMAS delegation met master and PhD students at VU, discussed withe the EURIDICE core team upcoming events and prepared the joint course, which has a transdisciplinary approach (involving both academics and non-academics in the design and implementation) towards ICT technologies for low-resource environments. The UNIMAS team met with Leeuw Film for dissemination of the joint events.