Introduction to Digital Humanism – a new textbook

We recommend to the EURIDICE community a newly published textbook, by Hannes Werthner, Carlo Ghezzi, Jeff Kramer, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Bashar Nuseibeh, Erich Prem, Allison Stanger (Editors), which is Open Access, which means you can download it and have free and unlimited access. It is a new result of the work in the DigHum community, which is initiated and by TU Wien, one of EURIDICE’s partner universities.

This textbook, which is an excellent resource for teaching and learning in Digital Society and Global Citizenship education and therefore strongly supported by EURIDICE, discusses this important subject in contexts such as AI, platform power, surveillance, democracy and technology ethics. The chapters are written by computer scientists, philosophers, social scientists, political journalists and law experts. Each chapter focuses on one specific topic and includes questions to be answered, and an annotated reading list which is useful for students.

The book Introduction to Digital Humanism is published as Open Access, download the PDF at Springer.